On March 12, the IGlobal Meeting of the GES Alliance, the collaborative economy platform, specialized in solutions for productivity improvement and cost optimization, was held at the Robert Bosch facilities (one of the companies affiliated to the GES Alliance ) in Madrid.

GES Alliance is integrated by more than twenty companies of reference in the market and leaders in the categories of the extended family linked to savings, efficiency, productivity and business optimization.

In this event, the launch of DIGIT-A, was carried out, born from the GES Alliance in response to the demand of its customers in the great challenges of digital transformation.

GES Alliance & DIGIT-A, share a client base that adds more than 10,000 companies as end customers in different economic sectors such as the food industry, chemical industry, hotel chains, health, automobile auxiliary industry, etc.

At the beginning of the event, Héctor Besga, General Director of the GES Alliance and founder of DIGIT-A presented the project promoted by the alliance, highlighting collaboration and unity as a “formula that guarantees success by multiplying efficiencies”. From both platforms the collaborative economy is defended, as a vehicle to offer more efficient, competitive and agile solutions for the Clients.